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Frequently Asked (Coffee) Questions

Q - Why do you sell in whole-bean format only?

We promise that you'll never find Beachcomber Coffee in pre-ground format! Why? because as soon as you grind a coffee bean it starts to stale and we're all about fresh coffee over here! We believe that every household should own a coffee grinder as it makes a significant difference to your coffee consumption experience in the morning. Not only does it light up the kitchen with a nice aroma, it ensures you're getting a fresh pot/cup of coffee every morning (or whenever you decide to brew!). 

Q - Where are your beans from?

We spent 4-months tasting beans from all over the world, we researched the pros and cons of each bean and shortlisted our beans to three very specific coffee beans. We tried many combinations of beans, percentages, roasting profiles, and ultimately landed on a blend of Brazilian, Guatemalan, and Costa Rican coffee beans. We initially ventured down the single origin path however, we quickly realized that in order to create a consistent, delicious and unique coffee experience, we needed to find three beans that were meant to be together.

Q - What makes your coffee different?

Beachcomber Coffee is different in many ways. Firstly, our coffee is roasted using a unique, craft roasting process only found in BC. Our blend is proprietary and took months of testing to refine the perfect blend that would represent Beachcomber Coffee. We micro-roast in small batches (20 lbs) and ensure quality over quantity is our mantra! Beachcomber Coffee is synonymous with our proprietary blend; you won't find decaf, french roast, or other types of coffee here.

Q - Why the name Beachcomber Coffee?

Our founder, Martin DesRosiers, grew up on the Sunshine Coast BC. This area on the West Coast of British Columbia is famous for CBC's Beachcombers TV show which is the longest-running dramatic series ever made for Canadian TV. The environmentally conscious small-town lifestyle combined with the Beachcombers history provided the inspiration for the branding and its westcoast lifestyle inspired culture.

Q - Where do you roast your coffee?

Our coffee is roasted in Vancouver, BC, Canada by hand using a proprietary roasting method focused on sustainability. We do not use traditional gas-fired roasters that produce 20x the emissions and require 20x more energy to produce the same amount of roasted coffee beans!

Q - Where can you buy Beachcomber Coffee?

You can purchase Beachcomber Coffee throughout the Lower Mainland and the Sunshine Coast. You can also purchase direct via our online store which also includes a list of the locations that carries Beachcomber. If you are located in the Lower Mainland or the Sunshine Coast, BC, send us an email and we can get some coffee in your hands! For those super coffee consumers, we can also hook you up with 5lb bags!


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