Beachcomber Coffee Co.

Award-winning craft coffee company based on the Sunshine Coast, BC! It's not just a coffee, it's a lifestyle...


A rich aroma, bold note of roasted almond allowing for a smooth, distinct flavor. It was enticing!
— @AlfredDrinkingCoffee pourover attempts resulted in a very inviting, easy drinking, sweet and balanced cup that hit the “darker” tones I like without being overly roasty or smoky. Beachcomber really hit the sweet spot, for me, for an easy-drinking morning blend and I enjoyed it a lot even though it didn’t have a lot of complexity or nooks and crannies to investigate in the flavor profile. I’ve said it many times that it’s nice to sometimes just have a nice, simple cup of coffee...
Just tried my first cup this week. Wow. If there is coffee in Heaven it would be Beachcomber Coffee! Love the eco awareness of this company.
— Melanie, Vancouver Island
Well, I’m sold. I’m a fan. Your coffee is delicious! Looking forward to my morning cuppa beachcomber
— Lee, Calgary
We recently tasted Beachcomber Coffee and gave it 4 out of 5 Stars! A medium to dark roast, this has a surprising sweetness. We consider it Balanced, Full-Bodied, and Smoky
—’s VERY delicious! such and outstanding flavour. I’m a major coffee snob and you nailed it sir. Love the full body flavour with no acidity, no bitterness. The after taste is lovely. Such and all around great cup of coffee
— Instagram
...It’s fantastic me it was really earthy, fresh and slightly sweet and woody.”
— Alicia, Coquitlam
...the quality of this Beachcomber Coffee is outstanding! nutty, woodsy + a hint of floral!
— Dustin, Delaware
...delicious, complex, medium bodied blend that is perfect for every day coffee addicts
...super buttery, chocolatey cup with hints of plum and citrus, overall an awesome classic espresso
— The Beaten Path Distribution
...magnificent coffee, I need this coffee in my life on a daily basis!
— Nikki, Toronto
...the best coffee I have ever had and I drink A LOT of coffee
— Karen, North Vancouver
...Beachcomber is hands down the best well-rounded ‘classic coffee’ I’ve had to date
— Charles, New York
...this coffee is a perfectly balanced blend, subtle notes of dark chocolate and caramel hit the tongue and it smells delicious
— AJ, Nanaimo
...Beachcomber Coffee is the best coffee we have ever tasted. The smoothness and low acid feeling in your mouth is superb
— Vanessa, Chilliwack’s simply delicious! buy it - brew it. You’ll be very happy you did!
— Karen, Gibsons enjoyable ‘just right’ coffee - not too mild or too dark with delicious nutty notes!
— Rochelle, Sechelt
...enjoying my first cup of Beachcomber Coffee, it’s amazing! my wife and I have been looking for a coffee that could rival the coffee we got in Cuba and the Kona coffee we got in Hawaii. We finally found it!
— Grant, Sunshine Coast

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